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3 Types of Whiskey Glasses

Any whiskey lover will know that there are lots of different whiskey glasses used for different purposes. You might think there are many whiskey glasses; but you will be really surprised when you know that there are a lot more than you expect. In fact, there are even personalized whiskey glasses that you can get for yourself. Because whiskey glasses come in different types and have different uses, it is important that you get a whiskey glass that really matches you; like we said, a personalized whiskey glass. In this article, we will talk about only 3 types of whiskey glasses that are available. These are the 3 types.

The first whiskey glass you will learn about here is the tumbler. This is the most common whiskey glass as many whiskey drinkers and non-whiskey drinkers associate this tumbler with whiskey. If you want to know what the tumbler looks like, then you look for a short glass with a wide opening. The tumbler is great because its shortness allows it to fit perfectly into your hand. People who drink whiskey know that this tumbler is great because it is small and so they can just drink a few. The wide opening in the tumbler allows ice to be placed inside. If you like a whiskey glass that fits perfectly in your hand, allows you to control your intake on whiskey, and has space for ice, then your personalized whiskey glass should be the tumbler.

Another whiskey glass you should know about is the snifter. The first reaction to this is might be to say that snifters are for brandy. This is actually not the whole truth. We say this is not the truth because snifters are very much used for whiskey as it is for brandy. The purpose of the snifter is to allow you to taste many kinds of whiskey. The snifter was created to make the aroma stronger and reach your nose faster. So if you want a glass that allows you to really taste many different types of whiskey, then you should get the snifter.

The third and last whiskey glass that we will mention here is the glencairn. Believe it or not, but the glencairn was made by combining both the tumbler and the snifter whiskey glasses together. The shape of the glencairn is like a short, tulip glass. The purpose for this glass is to make the drinker see all the nuances even before drinking the whiskey. The color, the texture, the smell can all be predicted by the drinker because of this great glass. This glencairn whiskey glass will help you expect what to make of your drink before you even sip it. This is another whiskey glass you can have for your personalized whiskey glass.

There are more whiskey glasses out there; but the three we mentioned are definitely the most common ones. All whiskey glasses are great and all have a specific purpose to whiskey drinkers.