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A General Overview Of Granite Countertops

The beauty and polish looks of granite makes it familiar with countertop makers. The durability of granite is another great trait that makes it favorable. The use of granite dates back to the ancient Egypt where it was the main component in the making of pyramids. Many homeowners are settling for granite countertops due to its beauty and long-lasting abilities. You may ask why granite is popular with many people, but as stated granite offers the beauty and is durable. In this article we’ll try to elucidate the reasons as to why granite countertops are the best and why many homeowners go for them.

First off, granite is a material that is naturally found on the earth surface, but unique to some places. The structure of granite makes it have a grainy look, thence the reason it is called granite. The durability of the granite countertops is attributed to the crystal structure of the granite. It is almost impossible to ruin or destroy granite countertops; unless you are very determined, that’s when you will succeed.

Granite countertops are low-maintenance. You could cut whatever ingredient with a kitchen knife on the granite countertop without ruining it. Before the countertop is worn you’d have destroyed the knife a long time ago, so it’s worthy to go for granite countertops. You’d not waste a lot of your time, and you’d be assured of durability when you go for granite countertops.

The theme of your kitchen could compliment with granite countertops that have similar designs as the kitchen. Every day the countertop making companies are innovating new ways. Find the best granite countertops that would fit your bathroom and kitchen. It is safer to say granite countertops are timeless. Granite countertops are also affordable to boot. You can never go wrong when you choose whatever design or color of granite countertops.

Almost any color you want for your countertops could be found with granite countertops. Seek for the best firm that does the countertops installation to help you select the best shade.

There are five crystals that make granite, they includes quartz, mica, feldspar, hornblende, and biotite. Quartz is the favorite crystal, it produces the best qualities of the granite countertops. The high resilience that the granite has is usually offered by the quartz crystals of the granite. The crystals around quartz give it the color.

The shining nature of the granite is provided by the mica crystals. Those silver, black, violet and pink shades you see in granite countertops are provided by the mica crystals. Yellow, orange, pink and blue are some of the colors that granite derives from the feldspar crystals. The salt and pepper look of the granite is attributed to the hornblende and biotite crystals.